The model of Haiya dance is the movement of fishermen.

Here is the most major one, “Dochu-odori (Dancing in the road)”. The Ushibuka Haiya festival also parades around Ushibuka city while performing this “Dancing in the Road”. You can also participate as “Tobiiri-maru”!

Look at the sea (lower right)!

Look at the sky (upper left) !

Go out (front, 2 steps)!

① First, hit your hand in front of your body. In this case, extend the pin and fingertip.

② After that, put your right hand on the right side of your body and your left hand on your body.

③ The movement is the reverse of the movement of ②.

④Raise each feet while raising your hand and swinging left and right.

Repeat again

Oar rowing! (8 times)

Oar rowing is the operation of a rudder called “Ro” on behind a small boat. You often see this on a boat going down the river.

⑤Pull out both fists in an arc in front of your waist.

Then return to the original position. Repeat this operation seven times.

And raise your feet at the same time. Of course, the waist is dropped.

Pull the net!(4 times left, 4 times right)

⑥The last is the netting movement. As an image of the movements, you may have seen on TV fishermen are pulling a net with fish on the boat.

At first, turn your body to the left, step your left foot one step forward, put your right hand forward, and put out your arms alternately seven times like drawing a net. Then do the same movement with your body to the right.

Perform this movement while keeping the point low, without changing the waist position from point ⑤.

Clap your hands in time with the rhythm

When you visit Ushibuka with a group of more than 10 people, you can also experience the Haiya dance experience. Also, at the Ushibuka Haiya Festival in April every year, a Haiya dance workshop by the preservation society is held on Saturday and Sunday, before the total dance. You can participate as it is as “Tobiirimaru”!